Alexander Schatz



Alexander Schatz has many years of intensive experience in various industries. In 2012, he started his professional career in the caravanning industry with a German luxury motorhome manufacturer. In 2019, he switched to the boat building industry at a premium yacht builder.

In respective of various positions, he was responsible as “Head of Procurement”, as “Strategic Buyer”, as “Project Buyer”, as “Purchaser for Indirect Material” (Facility & C-Parts) as well as “Deputy Purchasing Manager”, among others.

Based on more than 10 years of professional experience, he has an extraordinarily strong and stable network in the caravanning and the yachting industry.

Additionally, he gained extensive business expertise as a member of the examination board for industrial clerks at the Bamberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In the context of social activities, he is voluntarily active as a local councillor and as a board member in two local associations.

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Karina Schatz


Master dental technician

Karina Schatz flanks the consulting activities of the specialised experts with profound knowledge from different sectors. Karina Schatz originally gained her current administrative and business management knowledge from the dental industry, where she has been working since 1998. In addition, she has gained experience in the nutrition and health industry since 2014.

In the current SchatzConsulting portfolio, she is responsible for training, customer care, order management, invoicing, and materials management as well as ordering.

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André Luther



André Luther has held various positions in organization, materials management and purchasing since 2010. He has been working in the yacht industry since 2018. Previously, he worked in the tourism industry and in the mechanical engineering industry.

There he was responsible as a “strategic buyer”, “project buyer”, “operational buyer” and “head of materials management”.

He has a particularly strong network in the yacht industry.

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Irmgard Schatz

Certified Specialist for Purchasing and Logistics


Irmgard Schatz has been supporting the Schatz-Consulting team since January 2023. During her training, she gained various experiences in the areas of purchasing policy and marketing as well as procurement marketing, logistics strategies, business management with quality management and legal purchasing organization as well as personnel management, among others, at the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

She gained practical experience during several years at the company of Anton Schlecker as a purchasing clerk, at MEBA GmbH as an operative buyer and at Schaeffler Technologies A & Co. KG as a “specialist for disposition, procurement, detailed planning”.

Irmgard Schatz is multilingual. Besides German (mother tongue) she speaks good English and Romanian as well as basic French.

For Schatz-Consulting she is responsible for master data maintenance, ordering and demand planning, supplier management, for process optimization and strategic as well as operational purchasing.

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Magdalena Potempa

Certified commercial manager


Magdalena Potempa supports the Schatz-Consulting team with various experiences abroad and numerous practice-oriented jobs, which have provided her with a profound knowledge for everyday commercial life. She acquired her business competence as a certified commercial specialist as well as with her bachelor’s degree in political science, specializing in social communication with public relations.

She speaks fluent Polish (mother tongue) as well as very good English and German. Jobs in England and Poland as well as in Germany are the basis for a comprehensive knowledge in the areas of office management, customer service, process optimization as well as strategic and operative purchasing.

Magdalena Potempa joins the Schatz-Consulting team in March 2023

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