Strategic Purchasing 
Second Source
C-Parts / Non Production
Our services cover the following areas – strategic purchasing of production material – Strategic purchasing of non-production material – Project purchasing – C-parts management – Facility Purchasing Starting with an inventory of the current purchasing (volume, supplier structure, article structure, processes, etc.). From this we derive […]
What is the objective of our services? We want to provide our customers with assistance in strategic issues related to purchasing, thus freeing up resources that can be focused on important topics. Our objectives are defined as follows: – Pointing out strategic possibilities – Possibility of […]
Strategic considerations for your purchasing department are an important component. We take stock of your suppliers and check their conditions. Coupled with your consumption quantities, this results in a data package from which the strategic considerations are derived and adapted to your company. In these considerations, […]
We are also happy to take over part of your operational purchasing. In peak times, this is a good way to handle an increased workload without adding new staff. With this service we see ourselves as your extended arm and place the orders for you with […]
When it comes to C-parts, the impact they can have on a company is often underestimated. Here, as so often, it is a question of the right strategy and the right provider. The questions that arise in relation to C-parts management are many and varied. – […]
The nonproduction area is often forgotten in strategic considerations. Not so with us. Whether office supplies, tools, bandages, winter services, maintenance, security services, cleaning companies, etc. – here, too, it is worth taking a closer look. Good strategic planning here can save several thousand euros per […]