SchatzConsulting has excellent networks in the caravanning industry and the boat- or yachting-industry as well. The many years of experience of the specialised professionals in these sectors have resulted in excellent connections to the corresponding suppliers and service providers. This knowledge is of particular importance when it comes to securing supply chains or finding alternative ways to stabilise or establish new supply chains.

The basis for this is a distinctive know-how in purchasing GRP components, moulded and electrical components, panes, wood and raw materials as well as finished wood products, metal drawing parts, insulation, adhesives, resins etc. In addition, the consultants have extensive experience in purchasing services and maintenance tasks.

All the products manufactured in these sectors, their nature and the necessary components used are well known. The experts are also very familiar with all the individual production methods, so that in addition to an optimal production process, the quality of the individual products is also guaranteed after appropriate analysis.

With this know-how and the networking of related industries such as tourism and mechanical engineering, SchatzConsulting offers a really comprehensive consulting portfolio.